AED 322

What images move you emotionally?

The image below is of a seagull filled with plastic. After looking at images of power I realized that images where dominating power has a negative effect on people, creatures, and places really resonates with me. In addition to dominating power, this image is something I play a role in causing.


plastic bird

When an image affects your emotional state, does the image hold power over you in some way?

Yes, I think about my decisions and actions in a new way. How the image above whenever I drink out of a plastic bottle or purchase an item with lots of packaging this bird comes to mind. This image has a hold of me; it forces me to become more aware of my impact. It makes me think of myself in a different way. Usually I would say I am a woman, student, an American, artist, I would define myself with my accomplishments not the waste I create. Not what I consume. But the more I think about this image the more it makes me think of how what I will leave behind is a lot of trash. It makes me feel a bit hopeless but then I try to think how I can make small achievable goals to change my behavior.

Is it the image itself or its context that gives the image its power?

I think both. This image is disturbing. It is a dead bird. It also isn’t what you expect to see inside of a dead bird. The milk caps, juice caps, the brightly colored hues are a harsh contrast to the nature feathers, the bones, the sand. When I view it, I immediately know something is not right. Things I use everyday in my “routine” and carelessly throw away have the power to take a life.

How can money (symbolized in a variety of ways by clothes, dwellings, cars, parties, and sponsorships) be both a type of domination power and transformative power? 

Money is both a dominating power and a transformative power. Money is the medium that virtually everything in our society is valued. It is the common language of “what something or someone is “worth”. It has the ability to effect our physical environment and our emotional environment. It is impossible not to interact with it. The 5-dollar bill in my bag has most likely been exchanged thousands of times. Money determines how much we are willing to work for something. How far we can go in miles, and how far we can go in society. Money can also be a transformative power. Money can provide people the space and time to grow. Money can be given/donated, and that act of kindness can provide for many. When people learn how to save their money and how to manage it can provide a personal freedom and establish a strong sense of self. Money can provide education, and that education and transfer knowledge to many and change the way people think and interact with others.